Monday, June 8, 2015

Secret Agent Fat Lady

James Bond flicks are the subject of yet another spoof in rotund funny-woman Melissa McCarthy’s latest starring vehicle, the R-rated action-comedy ‘Spy’ from Paul Feig, who previously directed two of McCarthy’s most successful films, ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘The Heat.’  “Do we really need another dumb spy parody?” was my big question heading into this movie, but ‘Spy’ turned out to be quite the surprise (considering that past McCarthy films are a mixed bag) and is as fun and entertaining as the critics are saying.
McCarthy is Susan Cooper, a desk-jockey CIA analyst and the sedentary lesser half of an inseparable team with tuxedo-wearing superspy Bradley Fine (Jude Law), whom she pines for like a geeky high schooler daydreaming about dating the star quarterback.  Alas, after things went horribly wrong for her partner while he's on a mission to prevent the sale of a suitcase nuke on the black market by sexy Bulgarian villainess Raina Boyanov (her ‘Bridesmaids’ co-star Rose Byrne looking babe-licious), the most unspylike Susan was thrust into the deadly mission and finds herself globe-trotting through Paris, Rome and Budapest to stop the nefarious Boyanov from selling her WMD to the highest bidder.  Much hilarity ensues as we follow Susan's misadventures.  Jason Statham was also excellent and funny as the tough and garrulous (albeit dumb as a bag of hammers) agent Ford.
‘Spy’ worked on numerous levels and got the most out of its simple premise of a sad sack, middle-aged overweight woman as ass-kicking superspy.  And boy, did she kick ass!   Defying stereotypes has seldom been so funny and McCarthy carried the movie with ease and aplomb without becoming annoying like she did in some of her other roles, making ‘Spy’ her best movie to date.  With the successes of ‘Spy’ and ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service' earlier this year, the spy spoof is back in a big way.  Groovy baby, yeah!
Grade: A
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